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Well that was a nasty surprise!

Due to the size of my feet (a 'humongous' EU 42, which is one size bigger than Swedish ladies shoes generally come in), I'm used to only shopping for shoes in the >80 € range. Docs, Ecco and so on, Vagabond sometimes if they're on sale.

This means I've pretty much gotten used to the idea that if I care for my shoes properly, they will last anything from 1-3 years, depending on make and use. Heavy boots and other clunkers can last longer, and party shoes essentially never break because I use them so rarely (and it's often too cold to wear them outside anyway).

Deichmann, which semi-recently opened stores in Stockholm is an exception, since they carry a lot of sizes. But realistically, if I buy 3 shoes for 10 € I won't expect that much from them, and I've found that Deichmann shoes hold up decently for about a season. Fair enough!

But now, I bought myself a pair of ~50 € shoes here (real leather, always), which is still more than I expect to pay for crap. Very comfy, look nice, the type of slim walking shoes that with extremely heavy wear lasts me between 8-14 months of everyday wear, often in rain and slush.

And now, after two weeks and some walking on cobblestones in Paris, the heel is a bit cracked on one of them. Wtf? I realized that they don't have that black, extra rubbery heel covering that I'm used to all my walking shoes having and, wellp, now I know what purpose it serves!

Luckily cobblers are cheap in Berlin, but I think those are the last "budget but not extremely cheap!" everyday shoes I'll buy in my life.


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