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So I just had my first ever verbal examination.* I also had the lovely experience of something like my second ever pre-exam nausea. Didn't sick up or anything, but a bit of dizzyness, general omfg-this-is-bad-feelings from the tummy and so on. Yeaaah, I could've skipped that part. Luckily enough (?) it appeared about an hour before the actual exam, so I had time to drink a bottle of water, wash off, dose myself with coffee and sugar and do some therapuethic fandom meta reading. Coping skills, I haz them!

But it all payed off in the end, because I can now carry home a sweet little 1.0 in my "German literature for Erasmus-students" module ^____^ It's almost so I stop hating the one teacher (not the poetry lady, she was the sweetest thing ever and one of the best teachers I've ever had), but considering I didn't actually learn anything in his class - eh, no, will keep hating.

But still. That's my first 1 since English class in Gymnasium here and that was ages ago. I can do this even when I can't pronounce psychology due to nerves, mwahahahahaaa!

(also, looking at this post, I realize that my brain can no longer spell. Wellp, screw that, I don't need to be able to write in English today anyway)

* not counting speech proficiency tests in German/Spanish class, that's something entirely different


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