Feb. 24th, 2012

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In Germany, they're in the process of switching out the federal president, after the old one got caught in a severe scandal. There was a lot of media hounding but, from what I've heard from sensible people, also very reasonable complaints against him and illegal stuff and whatnot. Election for the next president is coming up, though from what I can understand, the presented candidate is a pretty sure win. Okay.

In Sweden, the crown princess just had a daughter. I don't care all that much, although of course it's nice for them (and, heh, part of me went 'yes a girl, good!'). But it also brings up the obvious discussing of whether we want to keep a monarchy or not.

Now, on one hand, I do feel that all humans should be born equal and that it's quite odd how the court doesn't have to tell anyone where all the money they get goes to; I don't insist on knowing anybodys pocket money, but if they really use most of the sum for upkeep of historical castles and parks, why not show that? Everybody else who is statefunded or pays taxes has to do that. Certainly people who get social security money need to show proof for just about every little expense, so, uh, why not the people who get the biggest "social security" payment of them all?

But, tangent. I still don't neccessarily feel that we need to get rid of the court, because we'll still have to pay someone to do the ceremonial greetings and stuff. And, looking at the German situation, even picking an older person with experience is apparantly totally not a guarantee against them doing stupid shit.

But it was very funny when the announcement came out. I was sitting in a café with some German people from my project seminar, when someone checked their smartphone. Twitter was talking about the (then) very receant reveal that the president would resign and they all broke out in spontaneous cheers :)

One of the best things at the Humboldt university, is how many people seem to actually care about politics, in multiple ways.

In completely unrelated news, I've got a couple of new icons. That pic of Zoro? Might as well have been me this week
/was sinfully lazy and enjoyed it so
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How do you like my new (DW) icon? ^^

- Sanji comes off really well in the Little Garden arc. Zoro comes off as out of his freakin' mind, but what else is new... Usopp! Usopp is so adorable here ^______^ He's met his idols and I think he really learns something from them. I know many Usopp-fans think he's got among the best character developments of the entire gang, and in many ways they are right. Because Usopp's dream isn't to become the best of anything, just to become Good and dare to follow his dreams, his process of maturing is more realistic. I mean, for being One Piece...

- As we leave Little Garden, Zoro is grumbling about his lack of strenght. This is important I think (not only for the must-cut-iron foreshadowing), because it's the start of his dissatisfaction with himself imo. I mean, I know he got his ass kicked by Mihawk, but even Zoro seems to admit that Mihawk is truly beyond him. He wants to catch up, but he's not feeling that he himself is a failure by losing to the worlds strongest man, so to speak. However, he promised Luffy he wouldn't lose again - in Zoro's eyes, I think that while it is marginally acceptable to lose (temporarily) to the Best Guy Ever, anything more means he has completely and utterly failed. Mr. 3 could catch him and he became helpless; even if Mr. 3 doesn't fight with swords, that's too much of a weakness for Zoro.
He's seeing the world and realizing what the scale of strenght really is in the Grand Line, but for now, his only way to tackle this is by a rather negative way of thinking. "I'm bad, gotta become stronger for strenghts own sake".

- Hmm, idk, but if anyone can become ill from the variable weather on the Grand Line, "even the strongest warrior", how come it's never been a question before or after Nami's illness? Hmpf. Glad that Vivi notices her amazing navigational skills, though! The other Strawhats are all too clueless for this, so it's good that someone can see such things only not when they're the Golden Lion Shiki

- Okay, Zoro as a lookout I can buy you gotta use him for something after all but asking him to keep an eye on the Log Pose? Nami met him and Luffy way back in East Blue, she has to know what a pair of idiots they are.

- I completely forgot who Wapol was. He showed up halfway recently in a cover story, and I had to go look him up on the Wiki. Too durned many characters, One Piece, too many by half.

- I love the bit where all the Strawhats are sleeping on the floor in ill!Nami's room. Aw so sweet ^^ And then we get another extremely cute scene with Luffy and Zoro keeping watch of Nami and Luffy's sooooo excited about the new island but can't abandon nakama omg island~

- Vivi teaches the Strawhats and Luffy, that sometime you can't fight your way through things. It's an interesting scene, because it's rare that any of them do a formal bow (especially for Luffy), but it happens once or twice in important scenes later on too. Vivi leaves her mark on the Strawhats and they remember what she's shown them about leading.

- Ah, Zoro's scarred feet. You know, I always figured that his scars were due to "rule of cool", but it actually seems as if there is a consistant logic to them. The big wound on his chest was first sewn up by Usopp and Johnny, then torn open by Arlong. The doctor in Nami's village even has a freakout at how badly it's been grafted together. The scars on Zoro's foot look as if he's sealed them himself, perhaps with some help from Usopp and Sanji (or whomever). We just got shown that the only one with even the vaguest sense of medical skills is Nami, so no wonder they get the snazzy Frankenstein's seam look. Same with the timeskip scar - Zoro was away from Chopper and I would guess neither of the people who were there with him had any major skills in how to treat wounds.

- This is getting really long & I gotta do other stuff today (why?). But I'll finish with saying that Dr. Kureha is totally cool. Belly-button pierced old ladies, rock on!


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